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Odissi Research Centre was initially set up as an autonomous institute under the Department of Tourism and Culture, Government of Odisha in July 1986. The sole objective of the Centre is conducting research in field of Odissi Dance and Music, promoting and propagating the said art form. The Hon'ble Chief Minister of Odisha is the Chairman of the Centre.

Recently, the name has been changed to "Guru Kelu Charan Mohapatra Odissi Research Centre", as a token of honour to the Late Guru who had devoted his entire life for establishing this dance form as a Classical one as well as made it popular all over the world and brought new experimentation in this dance form.

The main objective of the Centre:-

  • Replenishment and expansion of the Repertoire of Odissi dance & music.
  • Documentation through video recording and cinematic photography.
  • Codification through notating dance.
  • Dissemination of such innovation through workshop and seminar to establish Odissi dance within and outside the State.

The Archive

One of the major attractions of Guru Kelu Charan Mohapatra Odissi Research Centre is its archive. Over the years it has gained increasing importance as it has preserved for the posterity some rarest collections such as CDs and Cassettes of all the seminars, workshops, lecture- demos, debates and discussions conducted by Odissi Research Centre till date, of all the major dance and music festivals (such as Konark Dance Festival, Mukteswar Dance Festival) and such other mega events in their original form.

The materials in the archive include notations of dance items (done by different gurus), audio tapes,CDs, VHS, photographs of the (major and minor) events.

As it is quite essential to conserve and preserve the said assets, the archive updates its methods of preservation (for example: the VHS have been converted into CD format).

There is also one CTV and DVD inside the archive so that research scholars, teachers and trainees can view the works of the maestros as well as their purpose specific items. There is also the provision of audio-visual classes in the archive for the regular trainees where they can view the items with teachers, have open discussions with them, clarify their doubts in a friendly atmosphere.

Publications; Books & Cassettes

In the year 1988 the Centre published the first detailed and systematic teaching manual in the form of an illustrated primer which has been prescribed in the syllabus of Cornell University of United States of America. This book has been named as "Odissi dance path finder, Part-I" and it has been published both in English and Oriya. Subsequently Odissi dance path finder, Part-II has been published both in English and Oriya and needless to say that they have great demand in the world of Odissi dance.

More than 110 seminars have been organized in the Centre through all these years taking the veteran musicians of Odissi music to give the due place to it in the music map of India and as a result the Centre has published a basic grammar text on Odissi classical music named as "Odissi Raga Sarani".

The Centre has done commendable work on preservation of traditional 'Champu', 'Chhandas', Odissi traditional songs. Three volumes of cassettes containing all the songs of Kishore Chandrananda Champu, the unique lyrics of the great poet Kavisurya Baladev Rath have been released by the Centre, which has touched the hearts of Odissi lovers. To bring the uniformity in singing of these traditional songs, it has also published a book notating the tuning of Champus along with two audio cassettes named 'Champu-Sarani'. Traditional popular Odissi songs also have been recorded and which has high demand in the market. To revive the authentic Chhanda bruttas, the Centre has also taken steps and released three volumes of Chhandas selecting the popular lyrics of great poets of Odisha. After conducting a number of Seminars, Odissi .Research Centre recorded the songs and notated them. It also had organized evening of Champu "Champu sandhya" and evening of Chhanda "Chhanda Sandhya" for public views before the recording. Recently a book named "Chhanda Sarani" containing the notation of identified bruttas of Chhanda with its Prabandha has been published, which is ready to be released.

Courses it offers

Odissi Research Centre aims at inculcating the spirit of Guru Shishya Parampara in the minds of its trainees. These trainees are called Internees. Their course is for three years duration which is an advanced training in Odissi dance and music, styled as "Intensive Advanced Course". Odissi Research Centre provides hostel for them and a monthly stipend of Rs. 750/- is given for their food and some of the daily needs. The teaching process, the syllabus is unique in its nature, which provides the ingredients to make life perfect and fruitful. Apart from learning dance and music the students are taught the other allied subjects i.e., to know the basics of taal and play Mardala at the basic level, knowledge about Oriya literature, Sanskrit literature, Geet Govinda, writing notations, to learn the basic notes of singing (dance students) learn the theory part of the art, put rangoli, do the evening puja and more over to lead a self-sufficient disciplined life.

But on demand of many students from outside (locals, different part of State, outside the State and foreign students) Odissi Research Centre has started training programme for them on payment of tuition fees which is open throughout the year.   

Odissi Research Centre has produced excellent dancers and musicians settled all over the country and abroad through the training course of Intensive Advanced Course. Those were very fortunate, who got training under Gurus like Padma Bibhushan Guru Kelu Charan Mohapatra, Guru Sri Mohadev Rout, Sangeet Sudhakar Balakrushna Das, Pandit Bhubabneswar Mishra, Guru Sri Deepak Kumar Basu, Padmashree Kumkum Mohanty,Guru Durga Charan Ranbir to name a few.

Repertoire Group

Every three years Odissi Research Centre takes 10 students in Odissi dance and 10 students in music (including instrumentalists). After the completion of this training successfully a few students excelling in their field from each section are retained and taken in the repertoire group of Odissi Research Centre with a stipend of Rs. 1000/- p.m. Odissi Research Centre promotes and propagates Odissi dance and music all over the country and abroad. The repertoires are also given an opportunity to learn the art of imparting training.        

The stipend is meant only for the students of Odisha. The priority is given to talent, regions and poor students.

Evening school for children

To pursue dance and music as a career and get the best training for that is always expensive and not easily affordable for many parents. Odissi Research Centre has started an evening school of dance and music for children which are running very successfully with very talented children.

Other Achievements

With a very few staff members Odissi Research Centre co-ordinates the National event "Konark Festival" very successfully every year from its very beginning with the financial support of Department of Tourism. It also presents a new production for an hour specially composed for this festival on the inauguration day every year.

Very recently Odissi Research Centre released the valuable rendition of Odissi Ragas by the veterans i.e., Kashinath Pujapanda, Pandit Raghunath Panigrahi, Dr. Damodar Hota, Sri Gopal Ch. Panda, Smt. Shyamamani Devi, Binapani Nayak and popular Odissi, Chhanda, Champu singing by Sri Balakrushna Das which were the archival property of Odissi Research Centre. For the first time Odissi Research Centre has released an instrumental CD. Containing popular traditional Odissi songs played by its own instrumentalists in the pay role and which is very popular in the market.

For its sincere and able organizing capacity it has been vested with the responsibility of managing all the big dance and music events of the State.

Preserving the rich cultural heritage with most modern amenities is the motto of Odissi Research Centre”.

Plan & Ideas

But Odissi Research Centre has a long way to go. This is the only institution of its kind in Odisha for Odissi. It can very well achieve the status of "Kathak Kendra", "Jawaharlal Nehru Dance Academy", "Kala Khetra", or even more with proper effort and able guidance. It has plans to have its own studio, own auditorium, Artist's gallery and a big library which will attract more dancers and scholars from all the parts.

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